A unique, elegant, refined SPA

An elegant and stylish wellness area - A place of total relax

Very close to Vicenza, a unique SPA, elegant and refined, where you can rediscover true well-being.
A place to regenerate, to feel good, thanks to the synergy of ancient oriental wisdoms combined with the most modern and advanced technologies aimed at the recovery of healthy lifestyles and capable of successfully treating countless skin imperfections.
Relaxation and exclusivity together in beautiful large, renovated spaces for those who wish to immerse themselves in a source of authentic wellbeing and an atmosphere of perfect balance.

Opening hours | WINTER 2022-2023
12 September - 1 June

Spa - Wellness & Beauty Center

Monday: closed

Tuesday - Friday: 3.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Saturday - Sunday: 10.30 am - 7.00 pm

Access to the SPA is allowed only to adults.

Special opening hours
Christmas 2022/2023

25th December 2022: closed

31st December 2022: 10.30 am - 5.30 pm

01st January 2023: 1.00 pm - 7.00 pm (the beauty center will be closed)

Reservation is required.

Tel: +39 0444 149 70 05


  • Spa 11
    Indoor whirlpool

    Large whirlpool with pleasantly warm water.

    Water temperature 30° - 32°

  • Spa 12
    Finnish sauna

    The classic sauna par excellence: high temperature and low humidity level for healthy perspiration.

    Temperature 80° - 90°, dry environment

  • Spa 13
    Steam bath

    Medium temperature and high humidity for lovers of clouds of steam.

    It favors the dilation of the skin pores allowing a functional re-oxygenation of the tissues. Also beneficial on the respiratory level.

    Temperature 40°- 45°. Humidity 90%.

  • Spa 14
    Turkish steam bath

    A steam bath with high temperature and high humidity level, an elixir for relieving stress and tension.

    It favors the dilation of the skin pores allowing a functional re-oxygenation of the tissues. Also beneficial on the respiratory level.

    Temperature 45° - 60°. Humidity 100%.

  • Spa 15
    Salt sauna

    To purify the body and mind, the right relaxation is in the Salt sauna.

    Temperature 20° - 30°

  • Spa 16
    Refreshing area

    Ice waterfall

    Chromo-therapy showers

    Scottish cold shower

    The invigorating thermal shock to make the most of the benefits of heat paths.

  • Spa 17
    Relaxation zones

    The right relaxation for the mind and body to finish any wellness path. Elegant and exclusive spaces allow you to choose your ideal rest: relaxation in the quiet room or chaise longue by the pool?

  • Spa 18
    Herbal tea

    Aromatised waters and healthy herbal teas to allow yourself the right amount of water and vitamins (depending on the season).

  • Spa 19


  • Spa 20
    Entry & Rates

    Duration of the SPA entrance: 2:30 hours.


    Midweek: € 26,00

    Weekend & Holiday: € 32,00

    SPA KIT rental (bathrobe & slippers): € 5,00

    Included: towel, changing rooms, showers and teas

    GHV Spa rates - HOTEL GUESTS

    Midweek: € 18,00

    Weekend & Holiday: € 22,00

    Included: Spa KIT (bathrobe, slippers, towel) and teas

    Advance booking required.

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