Fondo Rubro

Hi, we are Alessia, Marco and the little Agnese!

Fondo Rubro is our home, and we want to introduce it to you: it's an estate in the Berici Hills, a stone's throw from Vicenza, where you'll find our precious vineyards where you can stroll, do relaxing yoga or share a picnic with friends! In addition to the park, you will find an elegant courtyard building with stables, the manor house, a small church and a loggia, where you can taste our wines, accompanied by gastronomic specialties of the area.

We are looking for the best expression of our land.

Our story starts with our arrival in the Vicenza area. We are a dynamic family, and having spent years living in various different Italian cities, we happened upon a mysterious agricultural holding in the heart of the Colli Berici hills. And so, we decided to put down roots. In reality, roots had already been put down here...

Approximately eight hectares of semi-abandoned vineyards, still well-rooted in the soil. All we did was simply take care of them and we gradually built up what we can now call our great little business: making a corner of paradise flourish once again. This is what Fondo Rubro is to us: a corner of paradise where grapes are cultivated and thoughts are shared.

Ruby red is the colour of the earth and the character of the wine.

Approximately 27 hectares of property resting slightly on the hill called Scaletta. Woods, olive trees, meadows, vineyards, an intimate courtyard enclosed by an elegant building from past eras...and still, fascinating glimpses and breathtaking views. A land that we walk on, that we cultivate, that we live on. At our feet, the ruby red clay soil yelds fragrant and fleshy grapes, perfectly suited to the production of authentic and well-structured wines. All around, these wild woods are the kingdom of precious biodiversity.

Conviviality accompanies special moments.

Wine makes them memorable. We believe that the beauty of an important moment lies in sharing the moment itself. The best occasion to share this moment is sitting at a table, with an excellent glass of wine..
Whether it's a birthday, a christening, a wedding, a company promotion or a meeting with old friends, an important moment always deserves to be celebrated.
Choose the environment that you prefer. We'll take care of the wine.

Fondo Rubro
Via Acque Sorgive 22
36077 Altavilla Vicentina (VI)
T: +39 351 5315666